How To Set Up Cosmos Ink ICC Profile on Mac

On the picture you see two tumblers sublimated with the same image, printer, ink, paper, and tumbler press settings. But the two came out with night and day difference! So what did I do differently?

First, let me list the materials and equipment I'm using.

Printer: Epson EcoTank 15000

Device: Macbook

Sublimation Ink: Cosmos Ink (I'm not affiliated with them)

Sublimation Paper: Crafting Besties (I'm not affiliated with them)

Tumbler Press: Sold by Blanks To Bling

20oz Tumblers: Sold by Blanks To Bling

So why the huge difference on the color?

The only thing I did after making the first tumbler on the left was I downloaded and installed the Cosmos Ink ICC Profile that I received from them through email after I ordered their ink.

Here are the steps:

Please note that this ICC Profile may not work with other ink brands.

1. Download the ICC profile from the link below